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D.R.C. Finishing Touch Construction  LLC


A Licensed and Insured Company

I started in the construction business as a young man, working with my uncle. I worked on many different jobs all over the world and garnered skills in a range of areas. More than twenty years ago I began working for myself, doing little jobs and getting excellent results and encouraging feedback from customers. Along with development comes challenges, and I, before long, recognized that even though I was a very talented craftsman, I did not possess the time nor the multiple pairs of hands required to fulfill the needs of all who called upon me for service. I surmised that skilled workers and more hands were necessary to accomplish the variety of projects within a practical time.


With this in consideration, I decided to pull together a diverse group of skillful employees. I began vigilantly scrutinizing and choosing team members so as to design a group, with the skill-sets to offer top-class service, and work together on an ever-increasing amount of various projects.

In 2007 I founded D.R.C Finishing Touch Construction, a limited liability company and took my business to the next level. We began improving people’s quality of life by improving their homes, and obtained contracts within various parishes in Louisiana including, but not limited to, the city of Kenner. Soon the team was working on additions, renovations and remodeling of various style properties.

Today we see the results of our efforts and dedication to the dream. Our customers call us back for additional work, and have trust and confidence that our prices are fair, their needs will be met, and the service they receive will be dependable. Many of our jobs come from word of mouth referrals, as our customers rave to their friends about our skilled, reliable work. We are very excited and grateful for the success we are enjoying, and are looking forward to the next phase of growth.


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